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Organic Atelier Essence Handmade Hemp Soap Bar

Before chemicals were invented in the lab, humankind found myriad ways to keep clean with products from nature which came from plants, fruits, and flowers. These simple products were harmless, healthy, and completely natural. Sadly, we have progressed to becoming immune to the alarming chemicals that are found in soaps, shampoos, lotions, each with unpronounceable long names with dubious origins, all promoted in the name of beauty.  Some of these chemicals are outright harmful to us and the environment. To us, because our skins, scalp and lungs can absorb these toxic chemicals (many of which are being banned in many states and in Europe and elsewhere), especially in the warm humid environment of the shower where our pores at and lungs are most susceptible to volatile chemical outgassing (from vinyl shower curtain) and chemical absorption through the skin.

The unfortunate truth is that the cosmetic industry is completely unregulated, to the detriment of consumers worldwide. Whichever company has the most resources and talent for advertising gets away with the ability to sell us chemicals wrapped in the name of beauty.

At Rawganique, we have always been averse to chemicals and toxins. We started asking questions about the necessity of chemicals in every products such as soap, shampoo, lotion, clothing, footwear, and bedding. We looked to history, our common human heritage, for solutions that do not involve chemicals. How did humankind get by without chemicals before the industrial revolution.

We started collecting recipes and know-how from research, reading, and visiting museums and antique stores. We put what we have learned into making simple one-ingredient bodycare products, made strictly from 100% organic plants, vegetables, and fruits.

Since 1997, Rawganique has offered simple organic bodycare products aimed at chemically sensitive people and people who prefer to live a chemical-free life. Browse our selection and tell us what you think!

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