Organic Ropes, Twines, Fibers, Fabrics

12-strand Unwaxed Organic Hemp Twine (200') (Undyed)

Rawganique is one of the world's foremost supplies of premium organic hemp ropes, organic flax linen ropes, organic hemp twines, organic cotton fabrics, plus organic hemp fibers, all grown and made without GMO, pesticides, or other chemicals and toxins. All sweatshop-free. We can supply any need big and small for organic fibers, twines, ropes, and fabrics. We offer trade discount for quantity purchase. For big quantities, we offer FOB pricing direct from the Rawganique Atelier in Europe. We have supplied many movie and TV sets and martial arts and furniture studio with our premium organic raw materials. Our hemp ropes are super soft and smooth and skin-friendly: hence, they are extremely popular for bondage and Japanese Hibari. Our hemp ropes are also great for all-around garden uses, as insulation for log walls, plus making of vegan organic hemp toys, hammocks, and accessories.

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