Organic Womenswear

100% Organic Hemp Long-sleeve Hiawatha Top

Our first and foremost priority in manufacturing organic clothing is PURITY. Since 1997, we at Rawganique Atelier have handcrafted chemical-free and comfortable organic cotton, linen, and hemp clothing that are as natural as can be. And we do it all with a small crew that we consider our family! There is no sweatshop here. We believe in fair living wages. Running productions on a small scale like this means that our customers have a direct connection to the folks who grow, process, weave, knit, and sew. There is no middle person. We do it this way so that our organic clothing is personal and pure. Most of the price of products you pay at Rawganique goes towards organic raw materials and fair labor. We turn a small profit in addition so that we can keep going as we have, without compromise on purity or human dignity. Thank you for your support through the years. You are what keeps us going! Namaste.

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