Fleece With A Difference. Plastic-free 100% Organic Cotton Fleece Is The No-Compromise Best Choice.

Mont Tremblant 100% Organic Cotton Fleece Zip-Up Jacket

Did you know most fleece clothing are made of plastic fleece? Sometimes these are greenwasher as being eco by saying that the fleece is made from recycled plastic bottles.

There are many issues with plastic fleece - BPA and other potentially toxic compounds that can leach into your skin, the bleaching and dyeing process, not to mention the fact that the fleece clothing sheds bits and pieces of plastic in wear and tear, and especially in the laundry.

Are There Alternatives To Plastic Fleece?

Thankfully, there's a totally natural and organic alternative to plastic fleece clothing and home textiles. In 1997, burdened by this problem, we set out to find alternatives to plastic, polyester fleece.

After much research and trials, we figured out a way to made 100% organic cotton fleece fabric that's suitable for clothing, bedding, and home textile products. We didn't stop there, we figured out how to brush our organic cotton fleece on both sides for ultra warmth and softness. 

The resulting organic cotton fleece fabric is extremely lightweight but heavy in coziness. Over the years, our customers have called their Rawganique's 100% organic cotton fleece sweatshirt, sweatpants, blankets, and sleeping bags their "home". "I live in your organic cotton fleece sweatpants all day, all night, all year. No one can make me take them off!" was how our customer Jeff S. put it.

We keep coming up with new products to make with our world's first and only 100% organic cotton fleece, to our customers' delight. When a new customer tries an organic cotton fleece sweatpants, they often come back and buy multiples, to rotate and even to gift to loved ones.

Better yet, our organic cotton fleece clothing is made and sewn in-house at the Rawganique Atelier in Europe for true sweatshop-free purity. 

100% biodegradable. 100% organic. 100% natural. Safe for people, safe for animals, safe for wildlife, and safe for the planet.

Mont Tremblant 100% Organic Cotton Fleece Zip-Up Jacket

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