Hemp Shower Curtain? Hemp Draperies? Shrinkage & Other FAQ Demystified.

I’m Rawganique's Customer Service Manager and have helped many customers with questions regarding our products and services.  One of our most popular products, and therefore the one I get asked the most questions about, is our Hemp Shower Curtain / Drape.  

Let’s start there.  The curtain is the same whether you purchase it labelled as a shower curtain or living room drapes. 

Although the curtains are listed in a variety of sizes, you can be sure the length will initially come longer than is posted on the website.  The reason for that is the curtains do shrink when laundered.  You can expect about a 5% decrease in length from the extra-long panels you receive.  They generally only shrink in length, not in width.  Also, the curtain panels can be ordered with or without the beautifully hand-made matching macrame rings, or additional rings can be purchased if you want to “daisy-chain” them for additional length. 

Another really important thing to remember about our pure, organic, chemical-free curtains is that they are biodegradable.  Yes, completely compostable!  Your future garden will benefit from the infusion of this natural plant fiber.  Of course, this high level of purity comes with considerations you may not have had to think about before.  As any gardener can tell you, the ideal conditions for composting is one that is moist and warm…. like a bathroom.  So, with that in mind, you will want to take extra precautions to protect your shower curtain from mold and mildew - the initial stages of biodegradation. All shower curtains are susceptible to mildew, even plastic ones, but knowing that your hemp curtain is destined to be returned to the earth will give you the insight you need to care for your curtain for years to come. 

Be sure to find ways to dry the shower curtain fully - don’t leave it resting against the inside of a tub where it can retain moisture and accelerate the decomposition process.  I live in an apartment with no windows and pretty poor ventilation in my bathroom, but miraculously, the designers of the building put in a small wall heater at the base of the tub. Perfect!  Once the shower curtain has dripped enough, I simply flip the panel outside the tub and leave the heater on for a short while to give my curtain the very best chance to dry thoroughly.  

I get a lot of questions about the curtains, so if you’ve got one that I haven’t answered here, please find me on Live Chat or send me an email at Linda@Rawganique.com.

Written by Linda Hughes

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