Organic Socks — The Secret Sauce To Happy Feet...

Schubert Elastic-Free Organic Cotton Terry Socks (top), Dvorak Elastic-Free Organic Hemp Terry Socks (middle), Schumann Elastic-Free Organic Linen Terry Socks (bottom)

Breathable socks are the secret sauce to happy feet. And the only truly breathable materials for socks are 100% natural fibres like organic cotton, flax linen, and cannabis hemp. Many garment manufacturers may want to persuade you that microfibers are the way of the future. They talk about smart fiber this, smart fiber that, but the fact is microfibres are plastic, made from petrochemical compounds, with all the chemical additives like BPA and phthalates thrown in for good measure.

Add to that the fact that the skin is porous so chemicals from materials you wear can leach into your body. Since socks are worn on the feet much of the day, any toxic dyes and/or chemical additives in the fibres making up our socks can seep into the skin over time.

The solution? Forego the advertising claims about the wonders of smart tech microfiber socks and choose instead to wear natural fiber socks that allow your skin to breathe (breathable shoes are important for this as well). My father had a terrible infection to the point where he almost had to have his toes cut off — and it was due to his having to wear nylon socks for work most of his life. His feet also had a ver unpleasant odor due to the pus that was created from the anaerobic conditions of sweaty feet being trapped inside non-breathable nylon socks. The moment, he switched over to organic cotton, linen, and hemp socks, his problems with the infection and door went away. He also says that his feet feel much happy. He now wears hemp shoes and a combination of organic cotton, linen and hemp socks and he's amazed at the difference that breathable footwear makes. His feet don't feel trapped in sweat anymore.

At Rawganique, we have been specializing in making organic cotton, linen and hemp socks sweatshop-free, in-house, in USA and Europe since 1997. We know the value of breathable socks and shoes. The following four organic socks are among our most popular because they are made with 100% organic cotton terry, 100% organic linen terry, and 100% organic hemp terry, respectively. Since the weave is elastic-free, the socks are non-confining, which make them perfect for everyday use as well as nighttime wearing.

Dvorak Organic Hemp Terry Socks
Schumann Organic Linen Terry Socks
Schubert Organic Cotton Terry Socks
Hertfordshire Organic Linen Terry Anklets

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