The Anatomy Of An Ethical Bag

Big Spender Organic Hemp Shopping Bag

What do people mean when they say their intention is to live an ethical life? What does it mean for a product to be ethical?

For me personally, an ethical life is the one that is fair and considerate to the earth and all living beings. Wherever I find myself, I always grow a garden. I plant fruit trees and nut trees, then I make raised beds that we fill with compost and any other biodegradable refuse I can get my hands on, like spent hay or straw or coconut coir. This is my way of treading lightly on the earth, so I can stay as close to home as possible for my food needs. And I know for certain that my foods are freshly picked and grown without chemicals or pesticides or chemical fertilizers. I have moved several times in my life, and so other people are enjoying the fruits of our labor in planting and caring for fruit and nut trees. And that's OK! We love our trees and love that their fruits are being enjoyed. :D

There are other aspects to living an ethical life. I do what I can not to harm others. I recycle. I try to leave as light a footprint as I can on this fragile planet of ours.

When it comes to products, ethical covers the ethics of how they are made. And how the materials are sourced.

Since we started Rawganique in 1997, the whole premise of what we do is making sure that the products we make are as ethical as possible. Just as I am sure to grow an organic garden that feeds me no matter what I find myself, I make sure that we have as much say as possible in the products we make. That is why we are the only company on earth that we know that grows, weaves, knits and sews in-house, so we intimately know where our fibres and fabrics come from that we use to make our products. The reason this is not done by everyone is economics. It's much easier and cheaper to outsource things to keep costs down and margins high. But because our bottomline is fair labor and environmental sustainability ahead of profits, we are willing and able to consider all the aspects of ethical production at our small ateliers.  

An ethical bag is one that does not harm animals.
An ethical bag is one with the Earth.
And it's one that is safe for humans and animals.
And one that is fair to workers.  
At Rawganique, we produce our eco-friendly and sustainably made hemp bags are grown, woven and sewn in-house so that we can assure ourselves and our customers of purity, fairness, and sustainability.

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