The Path To Simplicity: What inspires our customers.

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"Mr. Simplicity" is a long-time customer of ours going back many years. We think of him as a friend here at Rawganique. Today, we got to chat with him a bit on the phone. His story is so inspiring that I have to share it with you.

It was one beautiful quote that stirred something in him many years ago: "Live simply so that others may simply live."

Though he was living a crazy life in a fast-paced culture this stirred something deep inside him and gave him direction when life events told him it was time to change. Inspired by the book Walden and spiritual teachings, he made a conscious decision to move towards a simpler way of life. Now life is a constant adventure with seeing what he really needs and what he can do without to live a fulfilling life.

Farmers markets, organic basics for clothes and furniture that is uncomplicated. He remembers seeing a reconstructed village from 1830 and touching a mattress made out of a large hemp sack stuffed with straw. NO fancy pocket coil springs or layers of temperature sensing petroleum produced foams necessary. Now he rests on a simple mattress of organic layers of cotton and has the purest sleep possible.

He is stirred by what he sees in the younger generations. A decade ago the local farmers market where he gets all of his food was full of older generation farmers and he was scared for the future of small scale local food production. In the last few years young couples are now starting to replace the old farmers with a new passion for growing food and keeping a local sustainable food culture going. This gives him great hope. The youth are discovering the joy of a simpler way of life at a much younger age that he was able to.

Mr. Simplicity is a true inspiration to Rawganique. We love him and he loves us right back!

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