The Power Of Power Naps And The Magic Of Organic Eyeshade

Bartok Elastic-Free Organic Cotton Reversible Eyeshade (Fleece/Twill)

Now, we are not suggesting you take off your clothes and slip into a slumber right at your work place. Don't let the photo fool you.

But the idea of power naps is a sound, even scientific one. You'll find an endless number of research articles that point to the wondrous effect of taking breaks from concentrated mental work, of palming for a few minutes every couple of hours, and even outright taking naps on an armchair in a dark room for 5-10 minutes at a time. The reality is most of us work in an open workplace with no quiet, dark place to hide.

Enter eyeshades! But not those plasticky, icky ones, please! They off-gas many toxic chemicals that can be absorbed into your skin or breathed in through your nose. Many of them are even made with PVC or vinyl, one of the most toxic human made materials known, and they are known to contain toxic formaldehyde and dioxin.

When I say eyeshade, I mean the organic cotton eyeshade, organic linen eyeshade, and organic hemp eyeshade that we started making in 1997 here at Rawganique, first for our own use every night and  when we travel. Then it occurred to us that our organic eyeshades are actually great for taking mini power naps at your desk, to rest your eyes and reset your brain so you can be more relaxed and productive throughout the day.

What's your power nap story? Do you have tips on quick resets and power naps you would like to share? We're all ears. :D

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