Towards A Plastic-free Bathroom...

Organic Hemp Curtain with Hemp Macrame Rings

One of the most ubiquitous things in most bathrooms is the PVC or vinyl shower curtain. As you may know by now, PVC is one of the most toxic things you can have in your home. A PVC product like shower curtain or vinyl blinds or draperies can continuously off-gas VOC - volatile organic compounds, which are toxic chemicals - into your home for the whole life of the product. Heat and humidity hasten this chemical off-gassing process, so vinyl blinds on a sunny window and PVC shower curtain in the humid and hot shower are real culprits when it comes to respiratory conditions like asthma as well as overall systemic poisoning of the body. On top of that, PVC products break down over time to release bits and pieces of nano plastics that go into our waterways — rivers, oceans, water supply — which then get ingested by fish, birds, and other wildlife, thus entering the food chain that eventually reaches back to humans.

Since 1997, Rawganique has created true plastic-free alternatives in our 100% organic hemp shower curtains and draperies. For curtain rings, we hand-make organic hemp macramé rings with wooden button closure.

Can Your Hemp Shower Curtains Be Used Without A Plastic Liner?

Yes, that's the point and the intention! We always use our organic natural fabric shower curtains - organic cotton or hemp - without a liner. As they are made from canvas fabrics, the hemp shower curtain and organic cotton shower curtain will get wet at first contact with water, but the weave will quickly close in making it watertight. The water will then run down the sides of the shower curtain and onto the floor and drain. 

Of course, being made with natural fabrics, the organic cotton and hemp shower curtains will break down over time. We usually have ours for 8-10 years before we repurpose them for use in the garden before tossing them in the compost. The useful life of the organic cotton and hemp shower curtains depends on many factors, including the general level of humidity in the bathroom (the more humid and the less airflow, the more prone the natural shower curtains are liable to mildew).

If you're one to prefer that your organic cotton and hemp shower curtains look new forever, then you must consider the use of a low-toxicity liner. When selecting a liner, choose one without a smell (the first tell-tale sign of chemical off-gassing). And look research plastics with the least amount of additives, like BPA and phthalates. If the organic cotton and hemp shower curtains stay dry, they should last forever.

How Do I Care For Organic Cotton & Hemp Shower Curtains?

Remember that, in general, humidity and lack of air circulation is your enemy. Make your hemp shower curtain is hung at the height where it is slightly off the ground, so it can dry completely between uses and not sit in the puddle of water all the time. Be sure you have good circulation in your bathroom — always the turning the fan on after every shower is a great idea. I always leave my bathroom window slightly ajar to make sure fresh air gets in and there's plenty of circulation in my bathroom.

Oh, And We Have Organic Linen Shower Curtains, Too, Specially For Flax Lovers!

Color swatch for Organic Hemp Shower Curtains and Draperies

Written by Thamm Jamikorn

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