We Thrive On Comments & Feedback, Especially Like This One From Sweden

"This is my first time finding your amazing store! Thank you so much for this beautiful selection of sustainable and ethical clothing. looking forward greatly to trying out the pants!" Albin H. M.

We love hearing from customers. We really do.

Please write to us. We share comments and feedback we receive with the whole team up and down the production chain to our customer service team and warehouse team. Your comments help us do better and at best, they motivate us to keep going and keep realizing our passion of making the world a better place, one underwear, on sock, one shoe, one blanket, one towel, one sheet, one bag at a time.

We genuinely care about the state of the environment, and the health of people, animals, and the planet. We are deeply concerned about plastic islands and plastic nanoparticles that are in our drinking water (even some beers have been found to have plastic bits in them), air, and soil. Everyday, we strive to come up with new ways to move the world towards a plastic-free existence. We find ways to come up with 100% natural and organic alternatives to plastic products. To that end, we have made 100% organic hemp sponges, not to mention our whole line of organic cotton, linen, and hemp shopping and travel bags, and handmade organic hemp shoes with biodegradable natural rubber or hemp soles.

Your passion and enthusiasm keep us going when the going gets tough. Thank YOU for being there and thank you for your support. Twenty years have slipped by in a blink. Here's to many more.

Rawganique Team

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