2 Reasons to have an Elastic-Free Wardrobe

1. Elastic is synthetic

Synthetic materials are man-made and are treated with chemicals during the manufacturing process. Fabric and clothing with elastic are known to give people rashes and irritate the skin, or even induce allergic reactions and promote the development of new chemical sensitivities. 

Many of our customers here at Rawganique are allergic to elastic and other synthetic materials. These allergies may develop due to exposure to chemicals in their clothing, bedding, and bath products, and like all other allergies, there is seemingly no cure. Allergies often worsen over time and with more exposure to chemicals and synthetic materials. The only preventative measure against these illnesses is decreasing your exposure to human-made substances and materials. In other words: wearing organic, elastic-free clothing!

This is why our customers rely on our products to live a normal life. Nobody does what we do, nor can they guarantee purity to the degree that we can. We oversee the manufacturing process for all of our products from start to finish, from "Seed to Sewn." That means we are certain that no chemicals entered the production process. Wearing organic clothing gives you a sense of satisfaction that you simply won't understand until you try it. And no other company offers such a wide variety of elastic-free clothing, bed, and bath products. We have everything you need. Once you go organic and elastic-free, you'll never go back!

2. Elastic is uncomfortable

It's plastic, after all. That's how you get stretch and bounce-back, wrinkle-resistance, water-resistance, you name it. These features are not natural, they're synthetic. They're human-made based on what producers think consumers want. But I'll tell you one thing that synthetic fibers can't give you: breathability. 

Synthetics actually trap moisture against your body (think: sweaty feet stuck inside your performance socks). Dark, damp environments are a breeding ground for bacteria, and may contribute to foot problems such as Athlete's Foot, fungal infections, stink, and even blisters. 

Natural fibers such as hemp and linen, with hollow cores and naturally anti-microbial characteristics, allow your feet to breathe and wick moisture all day. Your body (especially your feet) will be able to BREATHE for once and keep comfortable and cool all day. 

Nature provided us with the original smart fiber, and humans thought they needed to reinvent the wheel. It's time we revert back to what our ancestors have been doing (successfully and allergy-free) for thousands of years. Go elastic-free!

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