3 Reasons Why Organic Clothing Matters


If you eat organic, you should wear organic too. But why? It's simple, really. I'll give you 3 reasons why organic clothing makes a difference - not just for you, but for the world, too.

1. It's better for your health. Duh! If you were shown two identical t-shirts and were told that one of them was produced using chemicals and the other wasn't, which would you choose? Chemical-free, of course! You don't need chemicals in order to produce fashionable, comfortable clothing. So why would you expose your body to toxic chemicals EVERY DAY when you have the option not to? The chemicals used in traditional clothing manufacturing are linked to severe health issues such as cancer, respiratory, developmental, and neurological disorders, allergies, and sensitivities. Yuck. 

2. It's better for the planet. If the finished product is unhealthy for you, think of all of the chemical waste that is released into our environment throughout the entire production process. From pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides during the growth of the fibers, to formaldehyde and dioxin during the manufacturing.. it's a very messy and toxic process. These chemicals are released into the air, the ground, and make their way into our waterways, causing hormonal and developmental disruptions and diseases in our plants, animals and our ecosystems as a whole. And the toxins go full circle... after all, who consumes the exposed plants, animals, and water? Us. Mm-mmm.

3. It's better for farmers, producers, and manufacturers. You wear the clothing as a finished product, and you have the ability to wash your garments before wearing them. A wash or two may remove some of the chemicals before coming in contact with your skin (the largest organ on your body, which absorbs everything on it, might I add). Those who work to make the clothing don't have that luxury, and are exposed to chemicals first-hand as they're being applied. Producing organic clothing eliminates that issue. Also, when you buy from Rawganique, you can rest assured that those who made your clothing were paid a fair living wage in excellent working conditions. No sweatshop, no animal-testing, no chemicals. Now that's clothing you can have confidence in.

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