5 Ways to Authenticate Your Yoga Experience

Whether you're an avid yoga practitioner, instructor, enthusiast, or just a beginner, there are many ways that you can take your yoga lifestyle to a deeper and more authentic level. If you're looking to bring your practice closer to nature, switching to 100% organic yoga attire and accessories will do just that. Below I've compiled a list of 5 products that will make you feel grounded, peaceful, and inspired during your yoga practice.

The Rawganique products below are made from 100% organic hemp, linen, and cotton - the purest ancient and heritage fibers that have been used for centuries. They are all grown and handcrafted chemical-free, sweatshop-free, and completely organic. That means no pesticides, no GMOs, no dioxin and no formaldehyde. They are also vegan and animal-friendly. It doesn't get more authentic, cosmic, eco-friendly, and yoga-perfect than that.

Asana 100% Organic Hemp Yoga Mat (double layer)

Yogi Organic Hemp Elastic-Free Yoga Pants

L.A. Organic Hemp Knit Leggings
Santa Barbara Organic Linen Knit Leggings
Van Nuys Organic Cotton Knit Leggings

Suriya Organic Hemp Yoga Mat Bag

Organic Hemp Yoga Strap

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