How To Keep Kitty Out Of Your Garden Bed

How to keep kitty from using your garden as a litter box? How do you keep  your neighbor's cats from peeing and pooing in your garden? Here's an easy, cruelty-free, and 100% safe tip to keep unwanted felines out of your garden.

We love our kitty to bits, but she sometimes likes to use a fresh new garden bed as her litter box. It can be frustrating to walk through your garden and see your veggies and flowers all topsy turvy because your cat has used it to poop in and elaborately used the soil to cover it all up (not to mention highly unhygienic for your food crops). 

If you didn't know, now is the time to know that kitties don't like anything citrus (for good reason, cats can die from exposure to strong essential oils like citrust and lavender in their living environment - so be sure to read up on what essential oils are toxic to your cats, dogs and other pets if you like diffusing essential oils in your home). 

To deter our kitty from using the garden to poop in, we cut up orange peels (or any other citrus peels like grapefruit and lemons, too) from our smoothies and sprinkle them throughout the beds where we don't want her. And it works like a charm, without chemicals and without frazzled nerves. 

Cats will stake out toilet ground and smell it first to make sure it's kosher before they deign to do their dirty business. When they see or smell citrus peels, they go elsewhere for their toilet needs.

Remember, though, to broadcast a new supply of citrus peels every 2 or 3 weeks as the peels break down fast in the sun and rain.

So there you have it: keep kitties out of your food and flowers while also mulching and enriching your garden beds at the same time.

Thamm - Rawganique

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