Knit & Woven Underwear: What's the Difference?

At Rawganique, we offer organic underwear in both knit and woven fabrics. But many of you may not be familiar with these terms, and what they mean for your comfort. To put it simply, woven underwear are like boxers, and knit underwear are like briefs. Let me explain.
Woven fabric does not stretch. It doesn't form to your curves, but allows room and space to breath and move around freely.
Lyon Elastic-free Organic Linen Boxers
Here is an image of woven fabric:
Organic Cotton, Linen, and Hemp woven fabric
Here is an image of knit fabric:
Organic Linen Knit Fabric in Natural (unbleached, undyed)
Knit fabric is stretchy and contours to your body much more than woven fabric.
Mozart Organic Linen Knit Boxers
Depending on how you like your underwear to fit (fitted and stretchy, or airy and loose), we have lots of different styles in each type of fabric made out of organic cotton, linen, and hemp.

The good news is that organic cotton, linen, and hemp underwear breathe exceedingly well, especially hemp and linen, which wick moisture away at a fast rate to keep you dry and comfy all day long.

We even have elastic-free underwear in both knit and woven underwear, for anyone who wants a truly pure, synthetic-free undergarment experience.

These two types of fabrics apply to all other articles of clothing as well. Each type has benefits, depending on what it's applied to. 

Which type of organic fabric do you prefer to encase your precious jewels in?

Let us know! If you have any questions, please ask away. We are here to help. :)

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