Nancy's 90th Birthday Present To Herself - An Organic Blouse

Today I chatted with Nancy from Texas.  After we determined which blouse would suit her, and which size would best fit her, she mentioned that she was purchasing this lovely new organic Aphrodite blouse as a Birthday Present for herself.  Her birthday in two weeks will be her 90th!  

Here at Rawganique, we are always amazed by the interesting people that we come into contact with on Live Chat, and I asked Nancy why she chose organic to celebrate her birthday.  Incredibly, Nancy has been practicing organic "since the 1950’s" when she had little kids.  She told me that she “was all alone in growing organically” and to this day she maintains an organic lifestyle; "eating, drinking and believing that organic is the only way to treat our planet and ourselves."  We couldn’t agree more! 

Nancy told me that she is slowly expanding her organic lifestyle to her clothing and said she “wouldn’t dream of poly” and her “closet has nothing but things that grew.”  

Nancy, you are a true inspiration, and everyone here at Rawganique wishes you a very Happy Birthday, and many more to come!  

Linda - Rawganique Customer Service

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