Are You For 'Real'? Real Foods, Real Fibres, Real Clothes

Are you for real? I mean, for real clothes and for real people. :D

There's so much that aren't real out there right now that it can be hard to not feel disheartened. 

At Rawganique, since 1997, our concept has been to provide real clothing alternatives that are totally different from all the chemically processed and synthetic clothing out there.

How Are Rawganique's Clothing Real?

It all started in 1997, when we founded Rawganique on Denman Island, a small idyllic island in the Strait of Georgia. We had been homesteading totally off the grid there on solar and wind power and were busy growing our own organic foods, rescuing animals, and chronicling our chemical-free life. Many readers of our blog wrote in, wanting to know where they could get their hands on the chemical-free, 100% natural organic clothing and home textiles that we were using at our organic homestead. Since they weren't available on the market, we decided to create Rawganique - which stands for raw - organic - unique clothing and lifestyle products.

Our organic cotton, linen, and hemp clothing are real because they come directly from nature, unlike synthetic fibers like bamboo which have to be processed with chemicals and acids, not to mention potentially toxic chemicals like dioxin and formaldehyde. 

As homesteaders, we value and appreciate "real". Working with the soil and growing our own foods organically, we appreciate working with nature instead of against nature. We bring our humble philosophy (which we imbibed from countless readings of and reflections on Henry David Thoreau's and Scott & Helen Nearing's books) to our production of organic clothes and home textiles. We grow, weave, knit and sew our ethical and sustainable garments in-house so we can tell you what goes into our clothing products. 

Just like you probably prefer to eat foods that you recognize and not some processed foods that are no longer recognizable on the plate, you will definitely feel the "realness" of our truly natural and chemical-free fabrics when you see and touch them. They reveal their natural origins in the organic cotton, flax linen, and hemp plant. You'll see the unique texture and soft, breathable fibers on your skin. We do not use bleach, dioxin, or formaldehyde, or any toxic chemical to grow, process, and make our clothing, which are produced in small batches. 

We stay small by choice, because we believe in human-scale productions. Everyday, we make only clothing that we would ourselves feel comfortable and safe wearing. We love the three ancient fibers - organic cotton, linen, and hemp. We keep learning and innovating and proving over and over that, with these three primal organic, truly natural fibers, we can make everything for the organic wardrobe and chemical-free home.

Please join us in keeping it real. Real clothes for real people. 

What is real for you? How you do yourself look for the real? Share with us your experiences navigating today's world which is often filled with false advertising, false information, and fake news.

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