This Secret Garden Is All Organic & (Mostly) Edible

The Secret Garden at Rawganique was built on the parking lot, after we determined that the space would be perfect for our edible garden. It's got a full southern exposure and has just enough room to cram in lots of vegetable and flower planters and potted fruit trees.

People walking or driving by wouldn't know the secrets our special garden holds. Herein lies truly chemical-free organic foods and flowers that feed us day after day.

While the main emphasis of our walled secret garden is to grow delicious fresh organic foods, we also grow tons of wild and garden flowers because we want our secret garden to be a haven for birds, beeds, butterflies, toads, frogs, and any other creatures who need a bit of wildness and organic respite from the urbanization going on all around us.

We are super passionate about growing our own foods. It's in our DNA by now after homesteading for over 20 years on Denman Island. We love the whole process, the patience of waiting for spring - the pleasure of eating organic greens from the garden daily even though it's raining or frosty out.

At the Secret Garden, we miniaturize our homestead to only the absolute and essential favorites. On this list are the plants we love that have always done well for us here in our year-round Pacific Northwest:

  •  Mulberries - these are the only mulberries that grow on a tree, and they are super prolific and produce amazingly sweet and nutritious fruits in your choices of many colors over a long period of time (from May to September or even October). They are among the highest in antioxidant value. Many people don't know that mulberry trees grow almost like native trees here. They grow quickly and yield profusely.
  • Figs - OMG, the fresh figs. Soft and sweet when ripe. We love the green figs the most. The Italian Honey one especially
  • Pomegranates - we love pomegranates and are so glad that they grow well here in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Olives - we love the leaves in our teas and love the fruits for curing.
  • All manners of the popular fruits - apples, plums, peaches, pears, and cherries.
  • We love us some heartnuts, buartnuts, butternuts, almonds, and more.
  • And of course, always tons of greens of all varieties. Greens are the staple of our diet and we harvest them each and every single day through the year for our requisite green smoothies.
  • We love perennial veggies, so we always have asparagus and artichokes.
  • And many more vegetables and some exotic fruit trees like paw paws and guava.
This may not sound much like a downsizing from our homestead garden, but trust me it is. These are the esentials of our compact Secret Garden. Looking out the window at the garden makes me feel so happy and grateful to nature for being accommodating and bountiful even when we aren't on a 43 acre homestead.

Thamm - Rawganique

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