My Mother- my inspiration

At 25, I feel that I have more and more in common with my mother. For the first time in my life I clearly see in me parts from her. I grew up in my mother's arms together with my older sister and brother. My mother was a warm and full of wanders women in which I always found a special connection. She had the patience of a wise owl and the strength of a tigress- this is how I always saw her when I was a child and I always remember with joy how my imagination shaped my image of her. We grew up in a large family. my mother is half German, half Hungarian, living in Romania. So our heritage is quite rich in culture. I remember that everything in the family was shared- I grew up in the same clothing that my older sister grew up.

My mother inherited form her mother lots of towels, knits, dresses and baskets that over the years, she showed us and told us the story of each one of them. From all of mothers "treasures", I loved the hand sewn towels. The were carefully crafted by my grandmother from locally grown hemp. She told me that my grandmother used to help harvest hemp crops when she was just a kid. Hemp farming was all over Transylvania, where all my family is living. My mother told me how this wonderful crops of hemp were growing and how they shaped the future of my family. I felt that I had a connection with this, because of my grandmothers work and carefully crafted hemp towels and bed linens. As my mother inherited all of this from her mother, I too will have this beautiful treasures. I am thankful that I have the chance to reuse, to take care of and touch what ones was harvested and crafted by my grandmother. This story, this journey from plant, to fiber to a final useful object makes so much sense and it has a positive energy that fills me with joy. This kind of attitude, to preserve what was made by hand, is what I want to tell my future children too. Because it makes sense, it made sense for me, and for my family. So Happy Mother's Day! And I hope you too have a positive story or memory about your mother that you wish to tell!

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