The Raw In Rawganique - Raw Food, Raw Fiber, Raw Lifestyle

Raw Organic Cotton, Hemp, Linen Fibers

As many of you know, Rawganique stands for raw, organic, and unique. It's a name that has defined us since 1997. While we live a raw food lifestyle, eating mostly fresh organic fruits and vegetables from our garden, there is another dimension to raw that informs everything we do at Rawganique.

Most clothing, footwear, and bag products in the world are now made using processed cotton, leather, or synthetic fibers like bamboo rayon, microfiber, etc... and they are made using mass-production techniques in countries that specialize in low-cost, high-volume production such as China (some refer to these factories as sweatshops because workers are paid little and there aren't a lot of protection for workers in terms of safety and exposure to dangerous materials and conditions). 

This is just the opposite of how we do things at Rawganique, where we grow, weave, knit and sew most of the things we sell at our small human-scale workshops in USA, Canada, and Europe.

So when we put "Raw" on our clothing and bags, it means that we start with organically growing our organic cotton, linen and hemp fibers. Then we process them using traditional non-chemical methods into beautiful pure natural yarns, which are "raw" and unprocessed and free from stabilizing chemicals. No bleach, no toxic dyes are used in our small productions.

Raw is real. Real foods, real fibers, real hand-crafted products that showcase nature's beauty and bounty and all their glory. That's the way we like it. And that's what our customers can count on when they get a Rawganique product: it's the purest there is, guaranteed.


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