The Secret Walled Garden At Rawganique Is Thriving!

The parking-lot-turned walled secret garden at Rawganique office is prospering! Spring is almost done while summer has reared its sunny head, and we are happily eating fresh organic vegetables and fruits from this compact garden and admiring the many colors and textures of the flower beds.

Even after 25 years of growing our own organic foods, we are still amazed how easy and joyful organic gardening really is. We never dig (so no back-breaking word). The secret to a successful garden of any size is location, soil, and ecosystem.

First, The Soil: After years of experimenting with many different types of soil for garden and pots, we have concluded that 1/3 coconut coir, 1/3 horticultural vermiculite, and 1/3 organic compost provide just the right amount of aeration, moisture-retaining qualities, and easily accessible nutrients for all the vegetables, fruits and flowers we grow. We never have to worry about or tinker with acidity or alkalinity levels. Our homemade organic compost is naturally rich in worm castings and humus and is perfect for all plants.

Second, The Location: The sunnier the better, except for a handful of plants that we grow that actually require shade. Thankfully, the Rawganique secret walled garden faces due south so we get plenty of sunlight to keep any plant happy.

Third And Last, The Ecosystem: We mix and match fruits, vegetables, and flowers into a plethora of a wild garden experience as much as possible. Insects, birds, and other critters feel welcomed in our organic garden and help to pollinate and balance our garden ecosystem. We have many bee and insect houses throughout our garden space to encourage them to make their homes here. More details on the different elements in future articles.

We harvest our organic foods from the garden everyday of the year, thanks to the mild coastal Pacific Northwest climate.


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