Buddha Dog: Making a Difference with Hemp

Nicole Asher learned about living chemical-free from Henry, her lovable Labrador retriever. She tried everything to treat Henry’s allergic reactions: countless allergy screenings, raw food diets, you name it. Then she discovered hemp. She’s been helping dogs like Henry ever since.

Nicole with Luka, one of her rescued dogs from
Buddha Dog Rescue and Recovery
Through her business, Buddha Dog, Nicole sells her collars, leashes and other fashionable pet products to chemically conscious dog owners all over the country who know the hypoallergenic qualities of hemp. She also runs Buddha Dog Rescue and Recovery, an organization that reunites lost dogs with their families.

“I have used Rawganique hemp for all my collars and leashes since I started Buddha Dog back in 2013,” says Nicole. “It’s always great to collaborate and support like-minded businesses and causes.”

You can buy Nicole’s Hemp products and merchandise, including baseball caps to benefit Buddha Dog Rescue and Recovery, at thebuddhadog.com

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