Yoke Handmade: The Hemp-made Details

Kellen Bevitori (Photos by Jessie McCall, Little Green Eyes Photography)
When Kellen Bevitori’s son was born two years ago, it had been a while since she’d sewn anything. It didn’t take long for Kellen to relearn the skills her grandmother had passed on to her as a child, and when she started creating again, she quickly became inspired. She enjoyed seeing the “handmade details,” the quirks of handmade products that are so often lost in mass production. 

Kellen also liked knowing that what she wore was environmentally friendly. That’s what drew her to organically grown hemp, which requires minimal natural resources to thrive without pesticides or chemicals.

“Not only does [hemp] use exorbitantly less water than cotton, but it gives health to the soil instead of taking from it,” said Kellen. “I love this textile for its strength and its natural beauty. It reminds me that I am wearing a plant that makes me feel more connected to my surroundings.

Earlier this year, Kellen started Yoke Handmade, an online business that sells handmade, organic, European hemp clothing to people who share her passion for a unique and eco-conscious wardrobe. She loves working for herself from her home studio in Nevada City. When she began sewing after all those years, her goal was simple and familiar: to be able to wear ethical, organic clothing that made her feel like herself.

Recent  clothing from Yoke Handmade
“In the future, I hope Yoke can continue to reach people, Kellen says. “I want Yoke to give everyone an opportunity to support something they believe in, to give back to their communities, our planet, and ourselves, and to feel completely themselves while doing it”

You can check out Kellen's latest projects at https://www.yokehandmade.com, and visit @yokehandmade on instagram.

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