5 Differences Between Hemp and Marijuana

Like marijuana, hemp is set to become a billion-dollar industry. And like marijuana, hemp has a stigma to overcome before it’s legalized federally. But let’s be clear: hemp is not marijuana. 

1.    Unlike Smoke, Hemp is Breathable
Hemp’s hollow-cored fibres make for a fabric that lets you breathe. It’s also hypoallergenic, and we can grow and process it without the chemicals and pesticides that go into conventional clothing. It’s a rare luxury for people with chemical sensitivities, and a comfortable fit for everyone else.
2.    America has Relied on Hemp Throughout History
To say that hemp production predates recreational marijuana in American culture is an understatement. Hemp was an industrial asset before America became a country. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp for fabrics and ropes. In the Second World War, the US government encouraged farmers to grow hemp for parachutes and other military gear.
3.    Hemp is a Building Material
We don’t just mean an industrial building material, although hemp can be used to make concrete. But more importantly hemp has been a starting block for innovators throughout history. Henry Ford wanted hemp for cars, and hemp canvas has led to some of the earliest great works of art. In fact, the word canvas comes from its Latin root: cannabis (remember: NOT all cannabis is marijuana).
4.    You can’t smoke our shirts
Marijuana can contain up to 30% THC, which is the chemical that gets smokers high. Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC. It can’t get you high. But be warned: hemp is addictive.
5.    Hemp Legalization Transcends Political Boundaries

The recent bill to federally legalize hemp is even backed by politicians who oppose marijuana legalization. Hemp legalization has bi-partisan support, particularly for the revenue it could generate for farmers. 

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