5 Great New Arrival Holiday Gifts at Rawganique

The best gifts are one-of-a-kind. No matter what you buy from Rawganique, you can be sure there’s nothing else quite like it. All our products are animal-friendly and made in small batches the traditional way. We make sure our products are produced without chemicals and with as little environmental impact as possible, and we’ve got something for everyone. Here are just a few products that are arriving in time for the holiday season.

1.    The St Andrews Vegan Hemp Belt

An animal-friendly and eco-friendly alternative to leather, this organic belt is made from European hemp webbing in-house at our Rawganique atelier. It’s available in canvas and herringbone weaves and two different buckle styles: nickel or antique brass finish.  

2. The Carmen Fantasy Organic Linen Skirt

Inspired by the antiheroine of Georges Bizet’s beloved and once-controversial opera, our new skirt has a crumpled outer linen layer that flows and twirls, and a smooth layer of linen knit lining. It’s ideal for both fashion and comfort.

3. Esmeralda Glue-free Women’s Hemp Boots

The Esmeralda boots are handmade by the small team of artisans in our own workshop. It takes them seven days to make a single pair of shoes. These warm and cushy hemp boots are have come just in time for the cold winter months ahead.  

4. The Bonn Elastic-free Prima Cotton Pajama Set

Looking forward to those lazy holiday vacation days, sitting by the fire with a book, and sleeping in without an alarm? These cotton pajamas are so comfy you could wear them all day. Being elastic-free makes them great loungewear for anyone with chemical sensitivities.

5. The Leslie Organic Hemp Cardigan

Organic hemp is one of best plants for the environment. It can grow in large amounts with far less water than cotton and no pesticides, just like the organic tagua nuts we used for the buttons on this Cardigan. The tagua nut buttons are naturally dyed to match the shirt, making for warm holiday attire that’s stylish and sustainable.

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