Guest Piece: 4 Myths Debunked in my First week at Rawganique

I live like most Americans. I eat meat, I wear chemicals, and when I make a purchase I think about the price before anything else. I was worried about working at Rawganique. Would they have a problem with my lifestyle? Would I need to buy a whole new wardrobe? That all seems silly now. Here are some misconceptions that the folks at Rawganique set straight in the first week:

1.    Vegans are Pushy

As it turns out, vegans are pretty used to people who don’t share their worldview. They have to be, really. All Rawganique wants to do is offer options to anyone concerned about animals, the environment, or synthetic products. People here are open minded, and that’s all they ask others to be.

“We’re homesteaders,” said Thamm, a co-founder, during my interview. “You can’t be rigid on a homestead.”

2.    Vegetarians and Vegans Can’t Get their Protein

A smoothie from Cafe Rawganique:
one of many protein sources for vegans
Animal-friendly protein exists. Nuts, seeds, kale, beans, tofu, the list is endless. Rawganique even sells a hemp protein powder. Protein is the first thing meat eaters ask vegans about. In reality, most people asking probably don’t carefully plan their meals. We just eat what we’re hungry for. I crave processed foods all the time. People who cut those foods out of their diets can shake the addiction. Eventually, they can follow their cravings and eat healthy.

3.    Most Companies Have Sustainable Options 
Even bottled water companies will cut a tiny bit of plastic out of their caps and call them “eco-bottles.” But that only makes truly sustainable and ethical options harder to find. Big business can make anything sound eco-friendly, just like they can hype up products from sweatshops by calling them ”imported.”

4.    Humans were Meant to Eat Meat

We’re omnivores. We can eat meat if we want, but we don’t have to. Our teeth certainly aren’t suited for a carnivore’s diet. The bottom line should go without saying: there’s no reason to call someone out for being vegan.

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