Handled with Care, Not Chemicals

At Rawganique, there's proof of our commitment to chemical-free and sustainable products in every package.

Customers with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity often need us to package their orders with extra care. That’s why they order from us: we use natural and organic fibers uncontaminated by common industrial chemicals. A chemically sensitive customer might need to avoid plastic, adhesives, or potential chemicals in shipping. MCS affects people in lots of ways, and we need to be ready for all of them.

We don’t let anyone come near our packing table with perfume, cologne, or even a scent-heavy shampoo or deodorant. Rawganique employees are encouraged to use scent-free body care products as often as possible. As an extra precaution, we typically seal any less-than-air-tight edges on a package to prevent exposure to chemicals once it leaves our warehouse. 

Rawganique asks customers to let us know in the order comments section if we need to do anything special to protect their purchases. Some customers are sensitive to inks, so we don’t let paperwork touch their orders directly. Others are allergic to plastic, so we use cardboard with as little tape as possible. Some people need their orders wrapped in paper and twine; others have allergies to some paper. Just let us know. We’ll do everything we can to meet your unique needs.

Rawganique order for a chemically sensitive customer,
clearly marked so our packers follow instructions.
Please note: Part of our commitment to sustainability is using recycled packaging when possible. We’re also careful to give options to customers who need to be certain of where their packaging comes from. Just put “New Packaging” into the coupon code field, and we’ll ship your order in a new box.

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