Look at What Customers are Doing with our Hemp Webbing

It’s amazing what you can accomplish with natural fibers, traditional skills and a little patience. When we began making products on our off-the-grid island homestead over twenty years ago, those were the three tools we needed for almost any project. We hope we can pass along our old philosophy to anyone who wishes to live a more sustainable and natural life. Need inspiration? take a look at what customers like Rosa R are doing with our hemp webbing.

Can you believe these two pictures are of the same four chairs? Rosa did a wonderful job restoring the wood. For the seat, she used Rawganique 2” hemp herringbone webbing. 

“I was a bit worried it wouldn't work, since the chairs were originally constructed with a plywood and upholstered seat,” said Rosa. “I’ve never worked with webbing before.”

Hemp has one of the strongest tensile strengths of any natural fiber, making hemp webbing perfect for furniture restoration projects. If you need it extra tough, check out our Suprema hemp webbing, a favorite for customers who restore vintage furniture. If you’ve been waiting patiently for a backorder of Suprema webbing, thank you so much for bearing with us. Our heritage loom is up and running again, which means the Suprema webbing is back in stock and available online now.  

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