Our New Organic Jute Rope is One-of-a-kind

Rawganique's new organic jute rope will be available online soon. It took a long time to figure out how to make our own naturally processed jute rope, but the need was too great to ignore.

 Jute is one of the most versatile natural fiber ropes. It’s naturally smooth and glossy, and incredibly strong for a lighter-weight rope. For centuries, jute rope has been used on ships, since it holds knots better than many natural materials and doesn’t retain as much water. It’s also a go-to for agriculture and small home gardens. 

Our customers have requested a chemical-free jute rope for years. It wasn’t a simple request. To make it happen, we had to pioneer our own processing method and start from scratch, the way we did on the homestead. 

While it is a vegetable fiber, jute is typically chemically treated and processed with petroleum. Our rope is made without synthetics. It’s just natural vegetable fiber with none of that barnyard smell that comes from chemical treating. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write in asking for our jute rope. Natural products take time, but we know this was worth it. 

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