5 Resolutions We’ll Help You Keep in 2019

Right now, most posts on your Facebook feed probably fall into one of three categories: proud personal reflections on 2018, wordy posts about staying committed to New Year’s resolutions, and memes about how quickly everyone will abandon their New Year’s Resolutions. Don’t let the haters get to your head. Here are some simple tips to help you keep your resolutions this year.

1.    Eat healthier

Buying organic options means you cut out pesticides, hormones and fertilizers. With that first step, you’re eating better before you’ve crossed anything off the grocery list. Organic Fruit and vegetable smoothies can give you something sweet that’s packed with all your daily nutrients.  

2.    Find a creative hobby

One of John's finished mats
People do amazing things with DIY supplies. Like John, a customer who uses our hemp rope to make ocean plait mats. Let us know once you’ve created something you’re proud of. We love to inspire others and share our customers’ work on social media. In fact, if you email us photos of your work with hemp DIY supplies by January 6th, you could win a free organic t-shirt! You need to be 18 or older to enter this one, though.

3.    Get more exercise

We get it- we can’t make getting out of bed any easier. But we’ll do everything we can to help. Those smoothies we talked about are great for quick energy before your workout, especially with a little protein boost. And it’s hard to find better exercise gear than organic hemp gym clothes. Hollow-cored hemp fibers are naturally breathable and wick away sweat so you can stay comfortable.

4. Switch to a vegan/vegetarian diet

We’d like to squash some myths about vegans this year. Rest assured: you can go vegan and still get all the nutrients you need. Protein is usually the main concern for new vegans. Nuts are a great natural option for protein, and you can put our organic hemp protein powder in just about anything.  You won’t have to punish your tastebuds for veganism, either. Feel free to use our holiday vegan-baking guide year-round.

5. Save money

If you’re interested in anything we’ve covered so far, you could be saving money already. Organic produce keeps longer than inorganic produce. That saves you more than the extra 10 cents you’ll spend on organic bananas. DIY projects cost less than buying art or furniture or paying for repairs. Exercise is a great chance to have fun outdoors without spending a dime, and swearing off meat replaces some expensive main courses with alternatives like rice and pasta. To stretch your dollar even further, watch out for coupons in our newsletter, and take a look at some of the closeout deals at the Rawganique Lifestyle Store and Café. We’re overflowing with them right now. 

We hope that a year from now, none of you look back at your New Year’s posts and feel disappointed. Remember that the little victories matter. A few simple habits can help you do better every day, no matter what your challenge is for 2019. Have fun! 

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