3 Good Reasons to Switch to Reusable Menstrual Products

Trust us: it’s a conversation worth having. Sustainable products like silicone menstrual cups have been around for decades, but tampons are still the most popular option by far. We get it. Not everyone is comfortable making the change, and that’s fine. But for anyone on the fence, here’s our case for reusable menstrual products:

1.    They’re completely safe.
In fact, by switching to reusable cotton pads or menstrual cups, you could lower your risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome, and cut out potentially harmful chemicals found in disposable products, like dioxin and formaldehyde. Our menstrual cups are made with medical-grade silicon that’s well-tested and proven safe.

2.    They’re sustainable.
By choosing reusable menstrual products, one person can eliminate 300 pounds of waste in a lifetime. According to a Marine Conservation Society study, a lot of that waste ends up on our beaches when it gets flushed. It’s a huge portion of what they call “the plastic tide.”

3.    They’re more affordable in the long run.

Our silicone menstrual cups cost $35, and you can use them for 5 years. Tampons, on the other hand, cost an average of $1,773.33 in a lifetime. Yes, reusable options are more expensive upfront. But they’re worth the investment. 

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