4 Signs Veganuary Caught on this Year

Veganuary has been around for years, but this year it’s gaining steam. Whether it leads people to a plant-based lifestyle or not, we’re thrilled that so many people are willing to give this one-month challenge a shot. Here are 4 developments this year that show us Veganuary is getting recognized.

1.    Big Businesses have new vegan specials.

Even fast food restaurants like Pizza Hut and Taco Bell have rolled out new vegan options recently. They may not be the healthiest options, but one problem at a time. No matter how you feel about the businesses jumping on the vegan bandwagon, we can agree on one thing: veganism is moving farther into the mainstream. Veganuary’s reach is worldwide. In the UK, the Greggs vegan sausage roll is selling out.

2.    Celebrities are endorsing plant-based living.

Earlier this month, Beyonce and Jay-Z encouraged fans to try a plant-based diet, Black Eyed Peas singer Will.i.am teased a vegan cookbook, and Snoop Dogg blew up social media at a vegan restaurant. Ten years ago, could you have imagined hearing the words “Snoop Dogg” and “vegan restaurant” in the same sentence?

3.    People know veganism is sustainable.

Not only are there more options than ever before for a balanced vegan diet, but information about the environmental impacts of meat and dairy is now widespread. People used to see veganism as purely an animal rights issue. Today, we know it’s that and more.

4.    Online pledges have hit record numbers. 

Signups for Veganuary are on track to break last year’s record of 168,542 by a landslide. Reporters are calling 2019 “the year of the vegan.”

Veganuary is in full swing, and we love it. If your go-to veganuary dishes get old, we’re here to help. Click here for some staff-approved Veganuary treats at Café Rawganique.

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