4 Tips and Products for Stress-Free Sustainable Traveling

Some people say life’s more about the journey than the destination, and maybe they’re right. But try saying that after getting off an 8-hour flight and hunting down the only vegan option at the airport. Traveling shouldn’t have to put stress on your first day of vacation.  Here are some tips to help you travel sustainably and stress-free.

1.    Use non-liquid bodycare products.

Traveling with as few liquids or gels as possible means there’s less risk of damaging your luggage. It also makes getting through airport security a breeze. Powder face and body wash products, like mungbean or jasmine rice body scrubs, are perfect for traveling, and they're completely natural and chemical-free! If you’d still like a liquid solution to wash your hair, try our organic soapnuts. You can put them in boiling water when you get there to make soap, shampoo or a general cleaning solution.

2.    Use a vegan directory.

Traveling is especially hard for anyone with dietary restrictions, like those of us who eat plant-based diets. Lots of vegans confess to “cheating” when they go out to eat on the road. Vegan Directories like Happy Cow can show you vegan-friendly restaurants in the area. There are other directories that can help you find a vegan bed and breakfast or hotel, like Veggie Hotels.

3.    Carry your essentials close.

Anyone who’s lived in a tourist town knows it’s not hard to spot a tourist. If you’re traveling with cash, or with valuables like a passport, it’s best to keep everything as close and difficult to access as possible. Use something like our Phuket phone and passport bag that you can carry under your shirt if needed. It's made with organic hemp, which is not only strong, but free of chemical irritants that some may not want against their skin. When our customer service manager Linda took her vacation, she kept her Richmond Hill hemp purse under her clothing. 

“It was thin enough that I could carry all the essentials and keep them concealed,” said Linda. “I really like my Richmond.”

4.    Find a supportive travel-sized pillow.

You’ll need a pillow that’s compact, but still supportive enough for the 10 or 20 awkward ways you’ll try to sleep on the airplane. We recommend our Cloud Nine hemp pillow. Its 4 sections can fold over to adjust height and firmness. Measuring 11X16 inches, it’s just the right size to take on a long flight. And with 100% organic hemp, it's hypoallergenic and chemical-free.

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