4 Ways we Encourage an Organic Lifestyle at the Rawganique Warehouse

Many of the products we sell today didn’t start out as products. On the homestead, our founders made clothing, body care, and other supplies for their own day-to-day use. They’re still living the Rawganique lifestyle today. Here are just some of the ways we try to promote an organic lifestyle at the Rawganique warehouse.

1.    Unscented body care

Since many of our customers are sensitive to chemicals, we make sure our packers know not to wear body care products with strong scents to work. That includes perfumes, aftershave and even scented deodorants. In the past, some Rawganique employees have used our unscented care products to avoid contaminating packages.

2.    Our “secret garden”

Our founders never lost touch with their homesteading roots. In the parking lot outside our warehouse, they maintain an almost entirely edible garden to supplement their meals. “We rarely go grocery shopping for ourselves anymore,” said Qeanu, a Rawganique co-founder, when showing the secret garden to a new team member.

3.    Chemical-free packaging

In addition to strong scents, some customers might be sensitive to certain adhesives or plastics. In those cases, we make sure the products are packaged so they don’t touch plastic or adhesive stickers. Our solution? Our own hemp twine. We use it to seal paper-wrapped products, and to attach tags with stickers that can’t go directly on the clothing.

4.    Healthy options for employees

We don’t force our organic, plant-based or chemical-free lifestyle on anyone, but we love to encourage people to be open-minded and give it all a try. That’s why we offer healthy café items to our employees on their lunch breaks. Some of them say they’re eating better than they ever have before. 

“Even the pastries are better than what I make for myself at home,” said one employee.

At Rawganique, we don’t just promote an organic lifestyle. Our founders live an organic lifestyle, and you’ll notice it in everything we do. 

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