5 Reasons You Should Wear Hemp

Hemp is a plant of a thousand uses. You can make hemp body care products, ropes and twine, medicine, and even industrial building materials. But one of the best things you can do with hemp is wear it. Here are some of the advantages of wearing hemp clothing.

1.    It’s Water-resistant
Over here in Blaine, Washington, we always have to be prepared for rain. A hemp t-shirt definitely can’t replace your rain jacket, but hemp doesn’t get soaked all the way through like cotton, either. It wicks away moisture naturally.

.    It’s Breathable
Wicking away moisture also means 
fending off sweat and odors. Plus, hemp’s hollow-cored natural fibers make it extra breathable. It’s perfect for workout clothing and less constrictive socks or underwear, like our elastic-free drawstring hemp boxers or hemp terry socks.

3.    It’s Hypoallergenic
It’s easy to grow hemp, and lots of it, without pesticides or chemicals. It resists pests already on its own. Rawganique was founded by people with chemical sensitivities, and hemp is their garment of choice. It doesn’t irritate the skin the way chemically treated or synthetic clothes might.

4.    It’s Sustainable
Not only do hemp plants thrive without pesticides, but they also need way less water and land than most fiber crops. There’s even evidence that hemp can remove contaminants deep in the soil with its fairly complex root system.
5.    It’s Durable
Hemp has a remarkably high tensile strength. In World War II, it was used in parachutes and other military gear. It’s an especially great fiber for traditionally made clothing, since today most people are used to unnaturally strong machine-made alternatives.

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