Let's review: Can you answer these 10 questions about hemp?

There’s been a lot of misinformation about hemp in the last several decades. With industrial hemp now legal in the United States, we’re moving away from the stigmas and learning more about hemp’s potential every day. How much do you know about hemp? Test yourself against these 10 questions, and then check your answers below.

1.    True or false: Hemp is cannabis

2.    True or false: This is technically the first time hemp products have been legal in the US.

3.    True or false: To get high from hemp, you would need to consume 100 times more product than it would take to get the same effects from marijuana.

4.    True or false: The FDA has approved the use of a CBD drug to treat epilepsy. 

5. Which of the options below is not a use for industrial hemp?

A.    Biodegradable plastics
B.    Textiles and ropes
C.    Sustainable concrete substitute
D.    Fuel
E.    All are possible uses

6.    In what year was industrial hemp outlawed in the US?

A. 1892
B. 1965
C. 1937
D. 1919
E. 1984

7.    Which of the following is not a suspected reason that hemp was outlawed?

A.    Evidence of psychoactive effects
B.    Mistaken association with marijuana
C.    Pressure from competing industries
D.    All are suspected reasons

8.    Who said the quote below?

 "Some of my finest hours have been spent on my back veranda, smoking hemp and observing as far as my eye can see.”

A.    George Washington
B.    Thomas Jefferson
C.    Snoop Dogg
D.    James Madison
E.    None of the above

9.     Which of these is not a reason people make clothing from hemp?

A.    Organic hemp needs very little water to grow.
B.    Hemp fiber is naturally water resistant.
C.    Hemp is one of the strongest natural fibers.
D.    Hemp is hypoallergenic.
E.    Hemp’s dense fibers will keep you incredibly warm.

10.Which of the following Rawganique products is not made with hemp?

A.    Atelier Essence shampoo
B.    Beeswax twine
C.    Londonderry towel
D.    Bostoneer boots
E.    Loch Lomond golf polo shirt

Ready for the answers? Keep scrolling…

1.    True
Yes, hemp is cannabis. But remember: not all cannabis is marijuana.

2.    False
Hemp products have always been legal to buy, sell and own in the United States. Since hemp farming was federally illegal until recently, hemp products sold here are usually imported from other countries.

3.    False
You will NEVER get high from hemp. Once more with feeling: NEVER.

4.    True
Read more here.

5. E
Hemp is possibly the most versatile crop in existence. The uses mentioned here don’t even get us halfway down the list.

6. C
The 1937 “Marihuana” Tax Act banned all varieties of cannabis, including hemp.

7. A 
People may have assumed there were psychoactive effects. Was there evidence? Heck no.

8. E
Thomas Jefferson gets credit for this quote a lot. The National Constitution Center can’t find any record of it. Jefferson may have grown hemp, but smoking it wouldn’t have been any fun.

9. E
Hemp is actually known for being a breathable fiber with hollow cores.

10. C

The Londonderry is one of our linen towels. We’ve got lots of hemp towels, too, if you’re looking for some.

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