Replace Waste with These 5 Sustainable Care Products

The easiest way to cut waste is to think about the products you use every day. Imagine how much we’d reduce our footprints if we didn’t put chemicals down the drain every morning or throw away disposable products we use all the time. Here are a few daily changes that can help us waste a little less.

1.    Clean up with organic soapnuts
Long before modern care products, someone figured out that you can put soapnuts in a pot of boiling water and make… well, soap! Soapnut solution is a biodegradable and natural option for laundry detergent, a general household cleaner, and a shampoo or body wash. When you’re done with the soapnuts, you can set them aside to dry and get a few more uses out of them.

2.     Switch to organic cotton day pads
If you use disposable menstrual products, you could personally eliminate 300 pounds of waste by switching to reusable cotton pads. That means no plastic applicators, no wrappers and more money in your pocket. 

3.    Use a one-ingredient face or body scrub
Our biodegradable, organic jasmine rice face and body scrub is named after its only ingredient. No need for any of the chemicals found in conventional facial scrubs. Jasmine rice oil moisturizes, and the finely-ground powder is just coarse enough to remove dead skin and help regenerate skin cells. 

4.    Use a hemp conditioner
Organic hemp plants thrive without pesticides, and they need a lot less water than most industrial crops. That makes hemp the perfect ingredient for a sustainable conditioner that’s not created with chemicals in a lab. If you’re not set on showering with organic soapnuts, we’ve got hemp soap bars and shampoo, too. They’re all biodegradable.

5.    Put a hemp sponge or washcloth in the tub.
If you want, you can deck out your whole bathroom with hemp. Hand soap, hair products, sponges, towels, and even the bathmat and the shower curtain. Not only does hemp farming take a lot less out of the environment than cotton plants, but hemp also makes one of the strongest natural fibers available. Hemp sponges, towels and washcloths should last a long time.

By choosing reusable and biodegradable options whenever possible, we can take a lot of would-be waste out of 2019. Changing the world doesn’t always have to change your life. Even taking up just one or two alternatives to chemical or disposable products is a huge positive change for the planet.  

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