4 DIY Projects That Have Kept Us Busy This Winter

The snow in Blaine, WA may be pretty to look at, but with weather like this, we don’t always feel comfortable (or safe) going anywhere. If you’re feeling cooped up after a week indoors, here are some fun projects to keep you busy.


Candlemaking is an especially fun craft to do with your kids on a snow day. Just make sure you supervise, since you’ll have to work with hot wax. All you need is Rawganique’s organic hemp beeswax wick, a glass jar and enough melted wax to fill it. Make sure the wick is propped to stand up straight while the wax dries, and secure it to the bottom of the jar with wax before you finish pouring.

Sewing and knitting

Rawganique offers organic hemp sewing thread and yarn, along with a huge selection of hemp, cotton and linen fabrics! Sewing or knitting is a skill you can use for the rest of your life. Need ideas for your first project? Try making yourself a nice winter scarf!

Making rope toys for pets

Our dogs go crazy during long winter weeks when it’s not as easy to take them on walks. But you can still make sure they get their exercise. One of our warehouse workers uses our organic hemp rope to make dog toys in her spare time. Some toys can be made with 10 inches of rope and a couple simple knots! You can find more ambitious rope toy projects online if you’re interested.

Making jewelry

We love it when our customers send pictures of the bracelets and necklaces they’ve made with our organic hemp braided cords. You can use items you find around the house, like buttons or key chains, or even small recycled trinkets like bottle caps.

The bottom line? Stay safe out there, folks! If you’d rather avoid going out on icy roads, or you just want to stay by the fire, we hope this list helps you find something constructive and fun to pass the time. 

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