5 Ways Rawganique Stays Sustainable in a Fast Fashion World

You’ve probably seen this statistic on social media lately: The fashion industry generates over 100 billion garments a year worldwide! A huge portion of those garments end up being tossed in a landfill or burned to keep a brand’s high-priced status. At Rawganique, our motivation as a business is to offer people alternatives. Here are some of the ways we keep our business sustainable:

  1. Asking questions
Rawganique looks into every new trend in sustainability to make sure it’s actually sustainable. Remember when “bamboo fiber” was catching on? That was before people figured out that bamboo fiber was actually a synthetic and chemically treated rayon fiber.  

2. Promoting traditional skills

It was once common to sew up normal wear and tear on clothing. Today, brands design cheap clothes so we’ll buy more when they wear out. Rawganique wants clothing to last. We encourage traditional skills like sewing. You can even find a sock darning kit on our website.

 3. Committing to fair labor standards

If brands say their clothing is “imported,” but it’s hard to tell where it’s imported from, don't be afraid to ask questions. Rawganique gets all our products from the US, Canada and Europe, and the production stays within our business from seed to sewn. That way we know everything’s made with fair labor standards.  

4. Using natural fibres

Recent studies show that microplastics and other synthetic clothing fibers go from our washing machine to the ocean, where they’re a threat to wildlife. You can read more about that here. That’s why Rawganique sticks to natural fibers that can go back to nature at the end of their lives.

5. Avoiding chemicals

One garment can take a quarter pound of chemicals and pesticides to manufacture. Another advantage of keeping our business within the Rawganique team is that we know nothing is processed with potentially harmful chemicals, like formaldehyde or pesticides for fiber plants. 

Rawganique is proud to be different. We’re thrilled that so many consumers are speaking out against wasteful practices in the garment industry. We hope that people continue this movement away from fast fashion for the betterment of animals, the planet and each other.

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