Show Love for the Planet with these 4 Eco-Friendly V-Day Gifts

This isn’t just another Valentine’s Day marketing scheme where we push out heart-shaped versions of old products. (Although, have you seen our heart-weave Provincetown blanket?) For over 20 years, our top priority has been kindness, whether it’s to people, animals or the planet. With that in mind, here are 5 eco-friendly gifts your Valentine will love.

1. A Handwritten Letter on Recycled/Tree-Free Paper. 

It’s the first rule in writing: Show, don’t tell. Recycled or tree-free hemp paper is a great way to put a little extra love in your handwritten note or card. Hemp paper’s rough, textured quality brings a personal touch that your Valentine can actually feel. Besides, you don’t have to waste water or cut down trees to make paper from hemp.

2. A Crafty Handmade Gift

It doesn't take an experienced artist to make something special, like a handmade frame for your favorite picture. It’s the little quirks that make DIY and craft projects so special. Rawganique has helped all sorts of customers with DIY projects. It’s nice to see what people can do with natural supplies and a little experimenting.

3. Natural/Organic Candles

If it’s the thought that counts, you can’t get better than this. Our artisan candle maker hand-rolls organic beeswax in a small cabin workshop, using unique methods to create perfectly-rounded and buffed natural candles.

4. Fine Hemp Soaps and Bath Products

Hemp soaps are a luxurious eco-friendly option for anyone, but especially for those with chemical sensitivities. Hemp oils are gentle on the skin and naturally prevent dry skin and irritation. They’re made to treat people and the planet with love.

Valentine’s Day is about showing you care. Why not extend that same care to us all? Do you have any ideas of your own? Comment below with your favorite eco-friendly Valentine’s gifts.

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